3D Art Class

Develop 3D art skills that will springboard you into a hobby or career making 3D art, 3D design, 3D printing, video games or Virtual Reality (VR)!
I am available to teach you face to face in an easy to understand and methodical approach to 3D modeling, texturing/material creation, sculpting, lighting, rendering, compositing, rigging, animation and 3d printing using the free Blender 3D Creative Suite. GIMP, Krita and the free version of Unity3D may also be taught and used as needed.

About me: I am an 18 year veteran in the 3D / Video Game industry. Half of that time I worked for Avalanche Software / Disney and made more than a dozen video games and I am currently a freelance artist. I can teach you in a clear and concise way, on your own level, industry best practices and show you methods that will accelerate your learning process and speed up your workflow. Check out the comments on any of my YouTube channel videos to see what people have to say about my teaching style and Blender knowledge.

Classrooms / Summer Camps
Contact me to for a quote to teach your classroom or summer camp the exciting craft of 3D art in a Blender Workshop.

Private Local Lessons

Private local lessons can be scheduled to take place in my home in South Jordan, Utah.
– Private lessons are $150 for 1 week, consisting of five 1 hour per day sessions. That is $30 per session, saving $100 over 5 single private sessions.
– Single private lesson sessions are $50 per hour.
I have the necessary computer hardware unless you wish to use your own laptop. A USB thumbdrive with portable applications of all the software needed, will be included in the cost of the lessons.

You can make your lesson time more productive by completing this Blender Basics Course from CG Cookie prior to your taking your first lesson from me.

Software used to create 3D art.
Making 3D art can get expensive. Industry standard applications like ZBrush, Maya, 3DS Max, and Photoshop (just to name a few) can be a serious monetary investment. Many industry standard applications, like those from Autodesk and Adobe cannot even be owned. You have to rent them. Software purchases, updates and rental (subscription) fees can add up to tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

The truth is, you don’t need those “industry standard” applications to create professional 3D art. Blender, GIMP, Krita and Unity3D* are not only used by hobbyists, but industry professionals and studios worldwide to create stunning, high quality visuals and game assets and the great news is that these open source programs are free to use..forever. The only cost is your time to learn these amazing applications. The best part is that once you have the skills, if you desire to branch out and learn other software, your learning curve to do so will be much shorter. Also, most all programs can import or export files in industry standard formats with few caveats, so you can still collaborate with other people and studios using different software. I used Blender for many years that I worked at Disney and it is what I use to freelance today.

Unfortunately, due to an unfair presumption that the only good software is expensive software and probably some financial encouragement, colleges and high schools don’t teach open source software. I expect that will change in the future as a mass exodus of creative types discover the power and appeal of Blender, while tiring of being nickle and dimed by pricey “industry standard” software publishers touted as the only acceptable way.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to let me teach you the techniques and share with you the resources that will help you to unleash your inner creativity in ways you never imagined.

*Unity3D is free, but not open source.