My First 3D Print

So we have this old vacuum cleaner that I keep downstairs to clean the office. One day I accidentally hit the cord hook on the door jamb and the cord hook broke off. Now I already hated the cord hook because it was fixed in place and it was tedious to have to unwrap the cord the same way I wrap it, before I could even use it, but the vacuum without any cord hook is no good at all.

Before 3D printing was a possibility for me, I either had to buy a replacement part, get really creative with JB Weld and hardware I have lying around, make do with the problem or throw out the broken item. Well my world has changed. Now if I have a problem, and I can’t find the replacement part (and no kind soul has luckily already created a printable solution) I can make a new part….a better part than the original even!

My first 3D print was a functional replacement part. Specifically, a cord hook for a Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum (Model 086925 if you care to know). This wasn’t just a replacement part, but an over-engineered, not soon to be broken again, upgrade. The cord hook rotates so that now I can easily remove the cord wrap for those times when I actually want to get the vacuuming done quickly (which is how I always like it).

I was pleased to see that people were downloading it. It brings me joy to think that someone out there might have a better vacuum, and is some small way a better life, because of a little plastic design that I took the time to create.

You can check out the Cord Hook Replacement / Upgrade for Dirt Devil Upright Vaccum Model 086925 on

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