My Roots: Art Dolls

This is where it all started for me. Before I ever started doing computer art, I was hand making these one-of-a-kind 18″ art dolls. Their heads, hands and feet were sculpted onto wire or foil armatures using a PVC clay called Cernit. The bodies used wire armatures so they could be posed and “soft bodies” which means that special body stockings were stuffed and sculpted with a needle and thread to simulate muscles or fat. All the props had to be found or else made from me by hand. I hired seamstresses to make the clothes for me.

Bryson Jack Originals was my first business. I traveled to New York in 1996 and showed my dolls at the New York Toy Fair. Though I never sold a doll, I believe that it was this work (along with some traditional art from high school and college) that helped me to get hired on as an intern at Avalanche Software with virtually no experience in the gaming industry.


James Taylor
James Taylor
My first art doll sculpted after my all time favorite singer / songwriter. 1995
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