Get Started in 3D!

Would you like to get started making 3D art or 3D games? For some it can get pretty expensive, but there is some great news. You can gain your education, you can make incredible art, you can make games, and you can even make a living using FREE software.

If you are just starting out and you can’t afford all those popular expensive packages, let me recommend some to you. You won’t be “settling” for less than the best either. I used Animation Master, Maya and XSI in video game production, but I absolutely fell in love with Blender and I have been using it ever since. I used Adobe Photoshop in production, but Adobe no longer lets you buy their software (and I don’t “rent” software). No worries! GIMP can do pretty much everything that I ever need to do. I rarely “need” Photoshop. Blender, GIMP…both free…and both just keep getting more powerful. So besides a powerful free 3D creation suite and photo editor, what are some other free packages that I recommend? Well give SketchUp a try. Not only is it free but it is FUN. You will be amazed how fast you get to making things, while at the same time being creative. Whereas Blender has a steep learning curve, which can get in the way of creativity in the onset of your learning process, programs like SketchUp are designed to be simple. Would you like to make games? Unity makes a free version of their popular video game engine. Unity also supports Blender.

So if you are looking to get into 3D Art, there are all kinds of ways to do it and there are millions of people out there posting tutorials on YouTube and contributing to forums so that all your questions can become answers. Once you gain the experience, you can transfer your knowledge to other more expensive packages if you want to expand your horizons or work with major studios, but there is nothing standing in your way of getting started today.

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